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Projector use
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The projector gives the user a visual and auditory enjoyment. Did you notice the maintenance and maintenance while you feel the charm of the projector? According to the different ways of using the projector, you must pay attention to the corresponding use and maintenance methods to ensure that the projector will be used for a longer period of time.

There are three common ways to use the projector: the fixed floor of the conference room, the ceiling lifting of the indoor ceiling, and the use of the outside. The projectors of the three different modes of use have their own characteristics in maintenance:

1. Fixed use The projector used in the fixed plane of the conference room should pay attention to the connection, so as to avoid accidentally knocking off the power supply and causing abnormal shutdown. When the projection screen is tilted or deformed, the legs of the machine can be adjusted and the position is fixed to make the picture normal; when the machine is working, do not block the vents and affect the heat dissipation of the machine.

2, hoisting and use Because most projectors have a screen inversion function, this feature allows the projector to be hoisted at the top of the house. For projectors used for indoor ceiling hoisting, the following points should be specially noted: Calculate the distance between the projector and the screen (determined by the screen size); the edge of the wall hanging on the screen should be attached to the projector lens At the same horizontal line; the center point of the projector lens is on the same vertical line as the center point of the projection screen; select the appropriate mounting hanger; install the fixing screws and bolts in place; adjust the trapezoid of the projection screen after installation; after each use , to ensure that the power is turned off.

3, portable use: often carry out the projector used, the machine often has to be moved, and connected to different input devices. In this case, there are the following points to note: When moving the projector over a long distance, be sure to pay attention to the packaging of the machine. When the projector is checked and shipped, it should be packed in the original shockproof carton; the user can carry a rigid package when carrying it; when carrying it, the projector can be installed in a soft backpack; when moving the projector, be sure to take it lightly. Dispose of it gently to avoid damage to the lens caused by vibration of the body. During mobile use, pay attention to the effects that power and different input device performance may have on the projector. If you need the projector to be used frequently, then when purchasing, consider purchasing a compact product with a dedicated carrying case.

4, in order to ensure the normal operation of the projector, regular inspection and maintenance is essential, edge fusion software. For example, cleaning the ventilation filter, the projector's casing usually has a slot or opening. This is a design for the ventilation of the projector. The air inlet is provided with an air filter. When the projector is working, it is used to filter dust and pollution. After a long time of use, the groove on the filter will accumulate dust. To ensure the normal operation of the machine, it is necessary to periodically suck the suction port with the vacuum cleaner. When the machine is working, do not block the ventilation fan. Cleaning the ventilation filter is especially important for projector maintenance for hoisting. Special attention should be paid to dust protection during engineering installation and subsequent user use.

5. What should I do if I find that the projector is damaged? Users should never repair and open the body by themselves (to avoid unnecessary troubles), and need to be sent to a special repair center for inspection and repair by professionals.

6. After the audio source is input into the projector, the projector does not sound.

First check the volume switch. Both the input source and the projector's volume switch must be turned on and the mute switch must be turned off. Some portable computers also have volume control in their hardware. Some projectors or remotes have a volume button. For information on volume adjustment, please refer to the projector's documentation. Audio input connection Make sure the audio input connector is working properly. Make sure the audio input connector is fully inserted and connected to the correct output. Make sure you are using the audio cable supplied by the projector manufacturer.

7. What should I pay attention to when wiping the projector?

When wiping the projector, be careful not to use liquid cleaners or spray cleaners, and wipe gently with a damp cloth.

8. The projection screen is not 4:3 standard scale, trapezoidal?

Different projectors have different projection angles, horizontal projection, and elevation projection.

Solution: For projectors with keystone correction, you can adjust the settings in the panel or function menu; you can also adjust the projector's base or leg to debug the screen effect.

9. After the projector is turned on, there is no image on the screen. How to check?

1) Confirm that the projector has power.

2) Check if the AC outlet is normal.

3) Check the connection between the projector and the power cord

4) If the projector is connected to a power source, make sure the power is turned on.

5) If the projector has power but the light still does not light, then check if it is working in standby mode.

6) The input source is video. Check the video connection cable connection and connector between the video source and the projector.

7) Make sure the projector lens cap has been removed.

8) Whether the lamp life has expired.

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