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Projector maintenance details
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Pay attention to the details before the warranty

General projector products are provided with warranty service, but if we do not pay attention to the details of the warranty when purchasing the projector, the projector will encounter difficulties when it really needs the warranty, and even can not enjoy the warranty service.

When buying a projector, many profiteers tend to make a fuss about the warranty period in order to find the wording for the future without warranty service; in general, the warranty period of the projector should be counted from the date the user purchases the projector. In order to protect the profiteers, everyone must ask the seller to write the warranty period clearly when purchasing the projector. It is best to specify the warranty period to a certain day.

Since the professional repair station requires the user to provide regular purchase during the formal warranty, you must remember to ask the seller for a formal invoice when purchasing the projector. Of course, the user also needs to pay attention to whether the invoice provided by the merchant belongs to the national tax. Formal commercial retail invoices stipulated by the General Administration of the State, if the invoice is not formal, it is best not to accept, the seller should be forced to ask for a formal invoice that is common in the market.

Another point to remind you is that the projector box usually has a warranty card provided by the manufacturer. You should fill it out and mail it to the manufacturer in time, so that the data information of the projector you purchased will be It is recorded by the manufacturer. Once your projector fails, the manufacturer will check whether the projector is qualified for warranty.

In addition, when buying a projector, you must not be tempted to buy a parallel projector or a used projector because the parallel projector does not come through the regular sales channel. Its price is relatively cheap, but because it does not Warranty card or after-sales service certificate, so once such projectors are damaged, the manufacturer will generally refuse to provide free warranty service, when the user can only repair the projector by himself, so save it before buying. All the expenses are posted, and even more money may be spent to repair the parallel projector.

Carefully prepare for the warranty

Not all projectors are sent to the seller, they are willing to guarantee, the projector needs to be strictly checked and audited in order to obtain the warranty qualification; in order to successfully pass the warranty review of the merchant, we need to do it in advance and carefully Pre-warranty preparations, including clearing the warranty conditions, understanding the warranty procedures, understanding the warranty policy, and reviewing the warranty location.

First you need to figure out the warranty conditions. For projectors of the same brand, sometimes the warranty service of different models is different. Usually there is a one-year warranty or one-year replacement. If our projector has exceeded the warranty or replacement time, then even the projector Send it to the seller or the repair station, and the merchant will not provide you with a free warranty.

In addition, in the process of “repairing” or “changing”, there may also be stinking, for example, replacing it with new or old accessories, or replacing it with a repaired accessory? If you are "repairing", will you replace the repaired parts in stock directly with you, or will you only repair the faulty projector parts?

Second, we must understand the warranty policy in detail and find a reliable warranty basis.

Generally speaking, projectors of different brands or different brands of the same brand often have different warranty policies; for example, some brand projection opportunities provide users with three-year warranty service, but the warranty policy clearly states that the first year warranty is free. The second and third year warranty requires the user to pay a certain warranty fee. Some projector products have a separate warranty for the specific accessories, such as the projector body three-year warranty, the light bulb is only one year or less. Time warranty, etc.

For these different warranty policies, you must understand in detail and distinguish whether your projector is still under warranty.

Then you need to find out the warranty procedure. In order to successfully enjoy the warranty service provided by the projector manufacturer, you first need to prepare the warranty card or other after-sales service certificate provided by the seller when purchasing the projector, because the service station usually only recognizes the warranty card. It is not recognized; secondly, it is necessary to know whether there is a corresponding projector repair station or repair shop in the local area. If there is no professional repair station or repair shop authorized by the manufacturer, the manufacturer may ask you to send or mail the faulty projector directly to the manufacturer, but who is responsible for the expenses incurred in the process, if What should I do if the product encounters an accident while shipping or mailing the projector?

The following is a review of the warranty location. In general, brand projector products will set up professional repair stations or repair shops in cities above medium and above. If the projection users are in rural or small county, they may need to send the projector to the warranty location; for security reasons, this paper recommends It is best for the projectors to be sent to those large professional repair stations instead of to small repair shops. After all, those large repair stations have professional technicians, professional maintenance equipment, and their own projectors. Maintenance there is more secure.

Beware of entering the warranty trap

As the saying goes, "No traitor is not business", in addition to the sellers through a variety of tricks to deceive the projection user, even if the projector is sent to the repair station to repair, the user may be deceived by the maintenance personnel, some maintenance personnel borrow the warranty for the scorpion, Through various methods to entangle the projection users, such as looking for a name to charge for additional maintenance costs, free to say good accessories in the projector is bad, with poor quality parts in exchange for good accessories in the projector.

Once the repair station is unable to repair the projector failure, the repairer usually needs to return the projector to the manufacturer for repair. At this time, they often use this as an excuse to charge the projection user for the round-trip freight; or some projection users are under warranty. During the period, when calling the maintenance personnel to come to the door, the maintenance personnel may look for an excuse to collect the relevant fees. If you encounter such a phenomenon, you can call the manufacturer directly to complain about them.

In the process of warrantyizing the projector, it is often encountered that the maintenance personnel casually say that a certain part of the projector is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one. However, when paying a certain extra fee, everyone should be vigilant; in general, In the free warranty period of the projector, any accessories should be free as long as it is not intentionally damaged. If the maintenance personnel forcibly ask for the cost, on the one hand, you should make a complaint to the manufacturer. On the other hand, everyone should also strengthen their own learning to improve the use and operation level of the projector. You can also ask friends who are familiar with the projector. Go to the repair station, this can effectively avoid the random phenomenon of maintenance personnel.

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