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Projector maintenance details Release time:2018-11-09
Pay attention to the details before the warranty General projector products are provided with warranty service, but if we do not pay attention to the details of the warranty when purchasing the projector, the projector will encounter difficulties when
LCD projector performance details - excerpt 1. LCD panel The liquid crystal has an active liquid crystal and an inactive liquid crystal. Inactive liquid crystals reflect light and are generally used in notebook computers and film projectors. The active
Projector use Release time:2018-11-09
The projector gives the user a visual and auditory enjoyment. Did you notice the maintenance and maintenance while you feel the charm of the projector? According to the different ways of using the projector, you must pay attention to the corresponding use
Little knowledge of projectors Release time:2018-11-12
The projector has high value, high post-use cost and strict operation characteristics. Therefore, daily personnel management, establishment of using files and specifications, regular maintenance and dust removal are ways to extend the life of the projecto
投影机维修 Release time:2018-11-12
很多人会说科幻电影都是想象中的产物,然而好莱坞每部科幻电影每次都在挑战人类的现有科技和传统观念。触控大屏,这个曾是科幻电影中的闪亮噱头,如今正在走进我们的现实生活中。此次,我们就以电影和美剧为基础,分析一下触控大屏的未来前景。触控大屏前景分析 在科技高速发展的年代,科幻片成为了不少影迷探索高科技、借鉴西方文化、憧憬未来……
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